Zest-itⓇ Cold-Pressed Linseed Oil

Zest it Cold-Pressed Linseed group

A Cold Pressed Linseed Oil from the first pressing of the Flax seeds, without the use of additives, heat, solvent or chemicals. Our Linseed oil comes direct from a farm in the UK that produces Flaxseed/Linseed oil for dietary and culinary use.

Cold-Pressed Linseed oil is very useful for those wishing to use less solvents in their work, a whole painting can be executed with just Cold-Pressed Linseed oil.

The oil has good wetting properties with dry pigments and is formed easily into a paste before grinding on a glass slab using a Muller for making your own oil paint.

Available in 125 ml upto 1 Litre bottles

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125ml Zest-it Cold-Pressed linseed oil bottle


Safe to travel by road, sea and air. Not tested on Animals