Zest-itⓇ Technical Pen Cleaner

Zest-it Techincal Pen Cleaner Group

Zest-it Technical Pen Cleaner is excellent for cleaning Technical Pens and can also be used for cleaning ruling pens, drawing instruments, templates and stencils.

Technical Pen

Soak the nib section for as long a necessary to dissolve the dried encrusted ink from the nib and its inner workings. Rinse and repeat as required.

Any nib units and pen parts that cannot be separated may need longer soaking. When clean and free moving, water rinse, dry and reassemble. (One very old badly ‘solid/dried-up’ Isograph nib took two days of soaking but it came back to life). Patience and persistence pay off!

The solution can be re-used many times for nib cleaning, it may look very dirty but it will still work.

Available size -50 ml and 125 ml PET bottle with CRC.


Please note: This product contains citrus terpenes from the peel of the fruit and therefore there may be slight variations in the colour from clear to pale yellow. This does not affect the quality of the product.








Line Drawing



Safety Data
Irritating logo exclamation Irritating. lorry Yes aeroplaneYes
Avoid eye contact: if eye contact rinse with plenty of water.
Avoid prolonged skin contact:
wash with soap and water.
If swallowed give water or milk; do not induce vomiting.
Contains: Glycol Ether. FP n/a