Zest-itⓇ Washaway Brush Cleaner

Zest-it WashawayBrush Cleaner Group picture

Clean the oil paint from your brushes with the New Zest-it Washaway Brush Cleaner, then rinse them with water or wash under the tap. Makes Oil painting ‘plein-air’ so much easier.

Removes oil paint, oil colour and other oil based products from your palette, knives, brushes and rollers, with just water as the final rinse.

After cleaning the brushes in Zest-it Washaway allow the paint sediment to settle out, preferably overnight, decant off and re-use. This makes the product economical to use and less wastage.

Available sizes - 125 ml bottles up to 1 Litre from your local retail art shop - visit www.zest-it.com for a list of stockists.


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Oil paint from tube